February TBR + Book News!


So, before I get into my TBR, which I usually don’t plan. Let’s talk about the exciting (and not so exciting) news from the past few days in the world of books. Or at least what is going on in the world of Sarah J Maas. That’s the entire world of books right?

Hold on to your hat’s guys. This one is a doozy.

We will start with the good news. You guys remember that unnamed Chaol Westfall Novella that is being published this year? It has apparently turned into a full length novel. That’s the fabulous part. The bad part is it’s new publication date, which is September 5th. Which was the publication date for the final Throne of Glass novel. Unfortunately, Sarah has been suffering from some health issues and the Throne of Glass finale will be delayed until May of 2018. Now, my first response was to scream in despair because I just can’t imagine waiting any longer for that release. But, Sarah has brought so much joy to all of our lives through her books that I can’t do anything but with her the best. I may really want that final installment, but I can wait if it means she will get the time she needs for her health. We here at Shelfie certainly wish her the best and are absolutely looking forward to the Chaol Westfall novel, even if it come in September!

Now for the full TBR! You should know before I get into this that I have never laid out a TBR for myself before. I typically just read what I am in the mood for. That has worked well in that past, but I currently have 6 ARCs that need to be read, 4 of which release this month. I think it is time to try and plan my time just a little bit better. Here we go:

That is 9 books. I only read 7 in January, but I am pretty positive that I can pull off 9. Especially since I am almost finished with Traveler already. So, it’s really just 8. I can swing it.

Also, check out that glorious cover for The Prince’s Rogue by Elise Kova! The revealed it today! Stunning. I may think that because it features me favorite character, Baldair, but it may just be because it is glorious! I haven’t picked up the prequel series to Air Awakens yet, but as you can see I plan to remedy that this month.

That concludes my awesome book news and TBR. Are you planning to read anything on my list? Have you read them already? Are you crying about the ToG delay? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

- The Butcher (1)

7 thoughts on “February TBR + Book News!

      1. Yes, I have heard all the raving. All though, I have seen a couple less convincing reviews recently. I suppose I’ll have to read it and decide.

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