Usurped by the Empire: A Discussion of A World Without You by Beth Revis


Tune in to hear Caitlin and Cynthia wish Empire of Storms a very happy book birthday! There might also be some talk of A World Without You by Beth Revis, but who are they kidding? Empire is out! That’s what matters!

WARNING:¬†This is not a spoiler free review. If you haven’t read the book or hate spoilers you should check back with us once you have read A World Without You.

Thank you so much for tuning in! We hope you enjoyed our seventh episode. Sadly it’s a little disjointed. But, it’s hard to focus when the next book in your favorite series is waiting for you! We’d love to hear what you thought about A World Without You, though. Did you love it? Is contemporary your jam?¬†Share your favorites in the comments below! We’d love nothing more than to hear your opinions. Please share!



Tune in next time to hear what we thought of the next installment in the epic Throne of Glass series!

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